Eerily Quiet

Hey, Queenie!  You’re being too quiet over there.  Do you have a bunch of guys who have finally learned to treat you like the princess you are?  Are you busy with the stalking business?  Or are you just hoping I don’t realize you have a six-pack and that you haven’t offered me one?

I made the mistake this morning of sleeping in a little.  Thought BabyGirl was asleep with me until I heard something in the bathroom.  Apparently, she woke up, climbed out of bed, and went to play.  She must have stood in the toilet (thank Heavens the big kids remembered to flush for once!) because her socks and pants were drenched up to mid-calf.  Of course, her sleeves were wet up to the elbow, too.  She got a rubdown with the hand sanitizer as soon as I got her downstairs. Yummy.


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