The Godfather Says to “Hamburger” Him

I’m thinking the BabyGirl has a future doing dirty work for some well-connected Sicilian family. We were eating dinner the other night–a casserole with ground beef. During the conversation, I glanced over at her tray and all the beef was gone. I figured she loved it so much she had picked it all out and eaten it. Then I saw her spy one last piece of meat and she carefully pinched it and then slowly brought it up to her ear under her hair. When her hand came down, the meat was gone.

Now, I’m willing to accept that my kids may be a little weird sometimes, but I don’t think any of them have an extra mouth near their ear. I got up and lifted her hair. All of the ground beef from her dinner had been neatly collected in the hollow of her ear. It looked like a hearing aid made of meat. The best part was that she was totally matter-of-fact about it. Like she’s been putting meat in her ear at every meal–no biggie.

I started wondering if this could be a way for Sicilians to send a message. Sort of like the horse head in the bed or the fish wrapped in newspaper. “You’ll bake with the casseroles for this, Vinnie.”


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