Facebook Fix

Queenie, I blame this all on you. You convinced me to get on Facebook. Do you know how much time I’m spending on there? First, you request I join the Sticker and Superlatives applications. OK, cute. Now, I’m getting daily requests from people to take the 80’s Movie Quiz, join Knighthood (“The game of medieval feudalism and warfare!”), play Connect Four, take the Neverending Movie Quiz, etc. And let me tell you, the Neverending Movie Quiz is, um . . ., NEVERENDING. I could spend hours playing with all these fun apps and trying to find old friends. (And even when I find someone I used to know, I’m sorta embarrassed to “poke” them. What if they don’t remember me? Or worse, what if they do and really don’t want to reconnect?)  And now, you send me the What Weapon Are You Quiz?  Like I have nothing else to do?  I’m an MP5SD, btw.  What are you?

Anyway, when my laundry sits undone and the dishes pile up, I’ll put it all on you. And maybe I’ll send you a sticker.


2 responses to “Facebook Fix

  1. First you blame me for all your on-line Webkinz time, now it’s Facebook. Can’t you get a social life on your own?! ;o)

  2. Apparently not. (Sigh.)

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