My Genius is Finally Recognized

I was happily surprised when my site, The Dolan Blog, suddenly started getting a large amount of hits last week. People had finally realized my genius! About damn time, too. And I checked with my mom–it wasn’t all her visits.

The hot air was let out of my balloon when that nice little WordPress feature told me what people had been searching on to hit my page. Things like “bri*tney spe*ars sh*aved he*ad pic*tures” (minus the asterisks).

Oh. They hadn’t been searching for “funny kid stories” or “smart ass mom talks about life.” When I told about my kids cutting their own hair so they had bald spots, and how I had to sh*ave their he*ads, that set the whole thing in motion.

Got me thinkin’, Queen. Maybe we should be writing stories about “ways we are not like Lind*say Lo*han”. Or, “Su*ri, T*om, and Kat*ie–what we named our new goldfish”. We could feel so good about ourselves when we get hundreds of hits a day.

And I guess I will continue to be amazing, yet unappreciated.


One response to “My Genius is Finally Recognized

  1. How did we get 143 hits already? Do our parents have nothing better to do? ;o)

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