Accessories are EVERYTHING!

Well, shit.  I guess if the Queen is going to actually post something, I need to give our blog a little love, too.  For BabyGirl’s birthday this year, the Queen gave her (among many cool, wondrous things) a backpack that is in the shape of a giant, fuzzy, pink cat.  BabyGirl wasn’t too sure about it.  Most people might find it a little disconcerting if you tried to force a huge stuffed animal onto their back.  So I hung it on the coat hooks next to the back door.  There it sat for about two months before BG decided that maybe she likes the cat after all.  Suddenly, she won’t go anywhere without the backpack.

With a cool backpack and hat, who needs pants?

With a cool backpack and hat, who needs pants?

With her elbow-length gloves (socks).

With her elbow-length gloves (socks).

Not only does she wear it around the house, but she’s also wanting to wear it while we are out running errands.  She was always OK with having the backpack in the seat next to her while we were in the car.  Until this week.  Now, she insists on wearing the backpack while in her seat.

What?  I'm totally comfortable.

What? I'm totally comfortable.

What with the Queen’s love of purses, I’m thinking this is just her influence on BabyGirl’s fashion sense.  It’s better to look good than to feel good, dahling.


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