Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy . . .

I was recently reading about the new, hip thing to do:  get a fish pedicure!  So bizarre, so strange, so Hollywood, y’all!  And the only place in the country (supposedly, at the time) was right down the street in Alexandria, Virginia.  Of course, being the cool and trendsetting girls that we are, the Queen and I had to try it out.  The spa’s site tells you about it here.  We got there and saw the tanks where you put your feet.

Waiting for the buffet.

Waiting for the buffet.

We got our feet washed and stuck them down in the tanks for the fishies to nibble.  Your feet sort of dangle in the water, which pleased me because I have all my dancer’s callouses on the bottoms of my feet.  Those fish would never go hungry again.  Unfortunately, fish don’t take direction very well and kept feeding around my ankles.  Hello?  My ankles are baby-butt smooth.  They don’t need the attention.  But, much like my kids, the fish ignored all my advice and suggestions.  It was a strange sensation.  Almost like your feet were asleep and had the prickles.  The fish don’t have teeth, so they really just rush up, suck your foot firmly and quickly, and then pull away.  (Insert your own fetish/inability to commit comment here.)  At first I kept jumping because it tickled.  But I eventually got used to it.

Yes, my feet really are shaped like that.

Yes, my feet really are shaped like that.

You can tell the Queen gets regular pedicures.  Her feet look very well taken care of.

You can tell the Queen gets regular pedicures. Her feet look very well taken care of.

After, we got traditional pedicures.  All in all, it was a fun experience.  But I don’t really think it made a huge difference in how soft my feet were.  I think the lotions helped more than anything.

When we were done, the ladies at the spa asked us to autograph the big sign they keep next to the fish.  It’s a place for customers to put their name and home town so you can see how far people are coming for the fish pedicures.  The ladies seemed rather disappointed that we were from the local area.  When I mentioned that I used to live in Germany, they got all excited and told me to put that as my home town.  I think they were really wanting to seem exclusive–“that woman came all the way from Germany just to get a Doctor Fish Pedicure!”  I’ll let the onus for truth in advertising be on them.


One response to “Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy . . .

  1. ohhhh. gross!! but novel anyway. 😉

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