The Dress of Her Dreams

My friend Connie is such a sweet and supportive mom.  Her daughter is only 14, yet Connie has already picked out the most gorgeous wedding dress for her.  I mean, doesn’t every mom dream of this type of dress for her baby girl?

Wow!  Nice, um, rhinestones.

Wow! Nice, um, rhinestones.

She might need a little shawl if her shoulders get cold.


6 responses to “The Dress of Her Dreams

  1. Her dress looks like a scale and she just propped those puppies up there to be weighed. Mom must be so proud.

  2. On the next Jerry Springer… Borderline mental brothers who marry their sister who has dangerously low levels of self-respect and dignity because their uncle has no boundaries, who got a boob job at 15 because all the other girls were getting them, and whose parents promise they really do love her despite the fact that they don’t know her middle name but are very aware of what 90% of her chest looks like. Must see TV

  3. They kind of remind me of the Ball and Claw antique dining table I have. Seeing those makes me want to break out the good China and Silver. What’s that about?

  4. The drop-bead necklace goes so beautifully with her ample bosomses.

  5. Couldn’t even spell my own damn name right.

  6. After seeing this picture, the one I want to see next is the face of the minister/priest/rabbi ect. that had to stand in front of her and marry them!!

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