OMG, We’re So Trendy We’ve Been Outlawed!

The Queen and I recently told you about getting these Dr. Fish Pedicures (which, interestingly enough, is now being called a “massage”.) Here’s that post. Just last week, the state of Florida outlawed the use of the fish because the tanks can’t be disinfected between users.  (Whatevs, once we got rid of that weird breakout of blisters, we were totally fine.)  Here is the article about Florida in the LA Times.  We are not only very sexy, but Queenie and I are very much scofflaws.  We will not be hassled by The Man if we want fish to be nibbling our toes.

Regarding the name change from “pedicure” to “massage”, here’s my suspicion:  massages probably fall under a different regulatory body than pedicures.  Anyone in Virginia want to offer their expertise on the subject?


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