About Us — You Know You’re Interested

Author #1 – The Queen of Drama

Hi there, and welcome to our blog.  I am the drama queen in this duo, and there really is no further explanation needed as to my title.  My life is a fiasco.  Mama and I have been entertaining each other for over twenty five years so decided to branch out and share our musings with the world.  I’m a Private Investigator who managed to unknowingly date a married man for nine months; my diet consists of Coke, Spaghetti O’s straight out of the can and Hostess Ho Hos; and my dream is to be the chick that comes up with the names for O.P.I. nail polishes. (Toe-me-Oh and Juliet?  Kinky Pinky? Clear for Take-Off?)  I’m an animal lover, Brownie troop leader, and use a bidet to wash my socks.  Mama and I welcome your commentary as long as it doesn’t hurt our feelings.

Author #2 – The Five-Time Mama

The Queen and I met as young, impressionable girls and have corrupted each other for over two decades. Even when we are separated by oceans, it’s like we’ve never been apart. I am a military wife, Irish dancer, dance teacher, yardwork-hating loafer, and a beer-drinker.  With quadruplets plus one, life is never dull.  My quads are now middle schoolers and loving it.  The BabyGirl is two years old and totally spoiled by the whole family.  It will be a rude awakening when she realizes that the sun does NOT rise and set on her.


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